Work and family - added value for everyone

Motivated and committed employees make all the difference. They achieve better results, help optimize costs, contribute to higher productivity and closer relationships with clients/customers. In short: they make the company competitive.

Employee motivation greatly depends on the employer's readiness to be flexible when it comes to responding to employees' needs. The central need of today, and certainly of tomorrow, is the reconciliation of private and professional life.

MAMFORCE stands for a management policy that fosters family responsibility and gender equality.

A lack of adequately trained personnel makes expert staff even more valuable. However, highly qualified women don't want to choose between career and motherhood. Fathers want to actively participate in raising their children. Managers want to take responsibility for results, customer satisfaction, co-workers and their own family. Demographic changes place emphasis on care.

An employer's ability to respond to these needs flexibly will make the rounds and it will pay off. It is a way of ensuring loyalty and motivating employees, keeping customers and attracting attention. MAMFORCE is a tool that responds to calls for greater flexibility of organisations in adjusting workplace conditions to employee needs. By applying scientific methodology we help employers develop their corporate family responsibility and gender equality policies in order to attract and keep the best talents.

MAMFORCE is a symbol of practical and business oriented solutions.

Take advantage of it!