Specializing in all aspects of organisational change, we focus on increasing employee engagement, creating an inclusive, participative leadership in an organisational culture that attracts the best talents, offering them attractive workplace conditions and opportunities for professional growth. We are especially passionate about developing an organisational culture based on family responsibility and gender equality. A number of organisations have introduced our new MAMFORCE standard that supports them in developing a supportive organisational culture rooted in family and gender awareness.

We are actively contributing to and supporting the progress and success of organisations by developing responsible human resources policies and social responsibility towards employees and the community.


By building a solid knowledge base and solution-oriented services, we enable organisations and individuals to become leaders in their respective industries and fields of work. All our services are backed by scientific research and years of experience in strategic planning and implementation.


  • Through our consulting services our clients get advice and insights for the design and development of a sustainable working environment based on diversity and active engagement. Our experts act as partners, sharing all their knowledge and experience to diagnose strengths and challenges, raise awareness about key opportunities and develop customised solutions to support the progress of women and achievement of organisational goals. In order to create the change, we offer our insights and tools because we know what works and why. 

  • Social audit of family responsibility and gender equality with our very own MAMFORCE© methodology is a strategic tool used to change corporate culture and help organisations in creating a supportive and inclusive organizational climate based on open communication, trust and respect of diversity. This creates preconditions to achieve full equality, regardless of specific family needs of various groups in different stages of life.

  • Inclusive leadership



All our activities – from diagnosing talent management potentials and deficiencies to identifying the best strategies for organisations and leaders – are based on research that can be used to approach the best talents. We rely on scientific research of target groups and management practices.
Our investigations of today's working environment and employee experience help us identify differences between men and women. We analyse the share of women in leading positions and investigate barriers and causes of gender inequality. By combining research and its implementation in practice, we identify and offer solutions to overcome obstacles to creating a workplace of equal opportunities for all talents.

Training courses and webinars on inclusive and women leadership - because women require a different type of support to reach their full potential. They were taught to be good students in school and good daughters in their families. In the workplace the rules of the game are different and it is necessary to be assertive, to speak up and follow your true callings. On top of that, you have to withstand criticism of being too aggressive or bossy. We actively work with women in discovering and fostering their true potential and support them in playing big.