Women and Business - Invisible Obstacles and Undiscovered Possibilities

Zagreb, September 28th, 2018 - The conference "Women and Business - Invisible Obstacles and Undiscovered Possibilities" organized by the women's magazine Gloria and Women's Empowerment Forum was held to highlight the main obstacles to women in business such as the job-seeking process, corporate culture, leadership, lack of working hours flexibility, and, above all, the unequal career development opportunities in companies. The organizers of the conferences remind that equality and inclusion lead to better business results, bigger female workforce participation and positive birth rates.

Presentation of the "Responsible Employers for Responsible Parenting" Project

Zagreb, March 6th, 2018 - Institute Working Mother, with the financial support of the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy presented the project "Responsible Employers for Responsible Parenting". This project brings MAMFORCE and DADFORCE Standards to small and medium businesses.

MAMFORCE Standard Awards Ceremony as a Part of the Project "Towards a Real Equality between Mend and Women: Balancing Professional and Family Lives"

Zagreb, December 19th, 2017 - The Parliament of the Republic of Croatia hosted the closing conference of the EU-funded project "Towards a Real Equality between Men and Women: Balancing Professional and Family Lives. As a part of the event, there was an awards ceremony for organizations that carry the Basic and Advanced MAMFORCE Standards. In addition, we have given out the first DADFORCE Standards for responsible fatherhood.

Family Friendly and Women Friendly Companies Awards


Zagreb, December 14th, 2017 - BKS Bank AG is the newest member of the MAMFORCE club of companies, while Hrvatski Telekom (member of Deutsche Telekom) and Zagrebačka banka (UniCredit) confirmed their status. After the awards ceremony, Prof. Željka Kamenov from the University of Zagreb and the executive director of Mamforce, Diana Kobas Deskovic delivered speeches highlighting some remaining obstacles in the job market.

Why Is It Important to Find Work-Life Balance?

Zagreb, 15th of November 2017. – MAMFORCE CEO Dijana Kobas Dešković held the workshop titled “Balancing the Professional and Family life – why is it Important for Us, Especially for Women?”. The workshop showed a lot of good practices of work-life balance programs in MAMFORCE companies.