MAMFORCE© is an innovative assessment methodology and business standard for corporate family responsibility and gender equality. 

We aspire to achieve conditions of professional advancement that offer equal opportunities despite motherhood and parenting.

The MAMFORCE METHOD© is a strategic tool aimed at changing the organisational culture and assisting companies in creating a supportive and inclusive work environment based on open communication, trust and appreciation of differences. This ensures conditions for full equality, regardless of specific family needs of various groups in different stages in life. In an increasingly competitive environment, productivity and maximum use of available resources are paramount. Women make up over 50% of the population and in most countries they account for at least a half of the workforce. Some female or male talents fail to stand out due to an organisational culture that lacks flexibility, understanding and support in the various stages of an employee's life. Sustainable development is not possible without adequate use of existing talents. Change of organisational culture implies changes in the way we work and think that can be achieved through a series of measures introduced by means of MAMFORCE methodology.


What makes MAMFORCE unique is its blended approach towards mutually dependent issues – lack of understanding for family obligations and consequently emerging gender issues.  It is necessary to engage employees, develop a culture of open communication, mutual support and trust supported by participative leadership.



The MAMFORCE© team collects and analyses data from various organizational sources.



Every source of information is equally important. By combining and comparing information we identify consistencies and discrepancies and provide companies with an insight into the actual efficacy of existing policies and measures. The resulting indicators are called opportunities for improvement on the path towards full family responsibility, gender equality and increased competitiveness through attracting, developing and keeping talents.



The focus of MAMFORCE efforts is an organisational culture and practices which make it possible to accommodate for both family and professional obligations while offering mothers and fathers, women and men equal opportunities.