MAMFORCE COMPANY© is a recognized sign of quality which confirms an employer's competences in implementing corporate family responsibility and ensuring gender equality. These companies introduce a number of responsible policies and employee benefits in order to facilitate reconciliation of private and professional life and ensure equal career opportunities regardless of parenting and gender.

MAMFORCE companies have satisfied and motivated employees, and achieve better business results by efficiently managing their talent pools.

MAMFORCE COMPANY® is a quality standard awarded to organisations which

  • are responsible towards their employees' family needs
  • continuously develop family-responsible services for their employees
  • provide flexible work time and work place , in line with family requirements
  • create supportive corporate culture
  • ensure equal opportunities for professional development and advancement
  • ensure equal pay and avoid motherhood pay gap 



The assessment of existing practices preceding the MAMFORCE COMPANY® STANDARD is a strategic management tool applied to review the current state and make recommendations for further development of management policies that foster corporate family responsibility and gender equality.
The development of practices that support corporate family responsibility and gender equality is a continuous process of adjustment to employee needs and constant changes in the ever changing market.
The MAMFORCE certification process is a powerful tool for making changes in the organisational culture. We support the development of corporate culture based on inclusion, diversity, openness and trust.




  • reconciliation of professional and private life increased job satisfaction
  • increased motivation


  • better talent pool management
  •  increased work productivity
  • enhance competitive market position
  • improvement of business results
  • responsible employer reputation 


  • competitive economy
  •  increase in GDP
  • sustainable population