Gloria Magazine & Women’s Empowerment Forum about Women in Business

Globus Magazine, 5th of October 2018, pp. 54-55.

“Companies that have an equal number of men and women in their boards report 35% bigger capital returns” – this was just one among many takeaways from the
“Women and Business – Invisible Obstacles and Undiscovered Opportunities” conference. The participants included Melanie Seier Larser, partner and manager at the Boston Consulting Group, the Swedish ambassador Diana Madunic, Zagrebačka banka board member Dijana Hrastović, and Viktor Pavlinić, CEO of Tele2 Croatia.

The positive messages do not stop here: Companies with a gender-balanced management are two times more resilient on the market, and it is proven that these companies had an easier time in the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession. This should be a significant indicator to Croatian business circles, especially if we take into account that CROBEX index still has not returned to its pre-crisis levels.

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