Companies eligible for the MAMFORCE COMPANY® STANDARS are subject to an independent assessment procedure using science based methodology developed in cooperation with leading academic and international institutions.


Existing management policies and work practices are evaluated to obtain measurable indicators for assessing the management system in relation to the market (relative standard) and best practices (absolute standard). The data collected from different sources is analysed and evaluated against the absolute and relative standards. The certification team then drafts a report with recommended concrete measures for the improvement of existing policies and organizes a strategic workshop for the management, defining objectives and focal points of development for the future period which are in line with the company’s business strategy, resulting in a concrete action plan for the improvement of policies and working conditions aimed at family responsibility and gender equality. The company is then entitled to receive the BASIC MAMFORCE COMPANY® STANDARD. The implementation of established policies and measures in turn generates a healthier corporate climate and leads to better business results.

The first phase of assessment leading up to the basic STANDARD takes three to six months to complete.

In the next six to twelve months the company implements the agreed policies and measures which are then re-checked in order to award the MAMFORCE COMPANY® STANDARD in one of the following three categories:


MAMFORCE CHANGE – applies to companies ready to improve their family responsibility and gender equality policies.

MAMFORCE GROW – applies to companies that have already achieved certain goals and are committed to further development in key family responsibility and gender equality areas. It is intended for companies that have developed targeted programs for continuous raising of awareness about family responsibility and the importance of gender equality in creating recruitment, development and career advancement policies and management in general. These companies are committed to further development of action plans and concrete measures which generate business benefits.

MAMFORCE LEAD – applies to companies which have upgraded existing human resources management practices in the key areas and implemented targeted programs, and already have measurable indicators of the implemented measures. The corporate culture of mutual support and inclusion is well developed and implies understanding specific needs and differences. Everyone has equal employment and career advancement.